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Hey guys, I'm Gabby -- it's nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by Beauty Babble!

I started this blog way back in 2010 after the YouTube beauty community turned me into a serious product junkie. Then I discovered parabens, and like a gazelle trying to silently slink away from a hungry pack of lions, I quickly retreated, determined to find a better, healthier way to live.

Now Beauty Babble is all about bringing you the best in non-toxic, safe, natural and organic beauty and lifestyle products, and since I am a reformed couch potato, I also talk about my favorite fitness regimens and workout programs, specifically in the Philadelphia area.

As for more about ME (because that's why you came to this page, right?), I grew up in Florida, worked for Disney (my favorite brand ever) and moved to Philadelphia in 2013 to get a taste of city life. The suburban woman in me still loves long drives, but the city chick hates moving her car and fighting for tight parallel parking spaces, so it's a bit of an epic struggle. I'm a fervent dog lover and mom to two chihuahuas, a voracious reader of both fiction and non-fiction and a confessed coffee and sugar addict.

I got my bachelor's degree in journalism (hence writing not one, but two blogs), and I also hold an MBA from Harvard Business School. In the Philly area, I'm a proud member of the PHL Bloggers community, am an officer in the local Geek Girl Brunch Chapter and lend my marketing expertise to my favorite boutique fitness studio, Philly Dance Fitness.

I love connecting with readers, other beauty junkies and generally nice people on social media, so hit me up with Tweets, Insta follows or even emails. Talk to you soon!

In love and lipstick,


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