Review: John Masters Organics Leave-in Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment and Volumizer for Thinning Hair

As mentioned in my previous post, I've sort of been binging on products from John Masters Organics lately, partially because it's a new organic and natural brand that I've been interested in learning more about, and partially because I'm OBSESSED with, a new social beauty site that I've been a part of for about six months now. In addition to the skin care products that I purchased (and honestly didn't really care for), I've also been trying a bunch of his hair care products and having much greater success!

For today's post, I want to review the Leave-in Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment and Volumizer for Thinning Hair. As usual, let's start off with a brief product description from the Web site: If you have ever wished you could have thicker, fuller, and faster growing hair, John Masters™ Organics Deep Scalp Follicle Treatment & Volumizer For Thinning Hair is your answer. By dissolving unneeded sebum on your scalp and encouraging increased blood circulation at the level of the hair follicle, this daily spray-on treatment improves hair and scalp health and promotes stronger, longer, and thicker locks. As an added bonus, hair is shinier and has more volume.

Before I go into the review, I want to give a quick background story on why I purchased this to begin with. I have a chronic digestive disease called Crohn's Disease and need to take lots of medicine to keep things under control. Unfortunately, one side effect of the medicine, especially when taken in high doses, can be hair thinning/hair loss. And even though I have been on the medicine for several years without experiencing a ton of hair loss, recently things started kicking into high gear and I'd notice substantial clumps of hair coming out in the shower or when I'd style my hair. In six months, I'd say I lost about 1/3 of the thickness in my hair. Thankfully it wasn't noticeable to anyone but me (no bald spots or anything!), but as a girl who always prided herself on her hair, it was a troubling problem! Also, given that I already take so much medicine, I really wasn't interested in going to a dermatologist and being given yet another chemical medication to try to solve the problem. So I turned to hair products, hoping that by using some protein and biotin infused products I'd see some resolution on my own.

I can't say that the John Masters Follicle Treatment is a miracle worker, but I will say that it DEFINITELY produces at least short-term results. The treatment comes in a small spray bottle, and I spray about 8-10 spritzes all over my scalp after I've shampooed my hair and given it a very ;light towel dry (drying your hair roughly with a towel or wrapping it in a turban can also increase breakage and give your hair a coarser texture). I then massage it into my scalp for about 30 seconds with my fingertips, and continue adding my other products (a detangler and frizz serum) afterwards before blowdrying.

The spray itself is very light in texture and doesn't give your hair a heavy, oily feeling either when initially applied or after your hair is dry (I notice sometimes sprays make your hair appear instantly oily after you blow dry and this definitely doesn't do that). It also produces IMMEDIATE results and makes your hair come alive as you're drying it. Whereas without this product my hair feels quite limp after drying, with this it has volume, is easily styled and just appears thicker and more full. I love being able to look in the mirror and see what appears to be a really thick head of hair!

In terms of its long-term promise of increasing the thickness of your hair, I think I need to give it more time to truly know, but from what I have seen using this for several months and finishing my first bottle, I have definitely noticed a marked decrease in hair loss both during the shower and when brushing my hair. I've purchased another bottle and will continue using it unless I start to see the hair loss increasing again, which would be a clear indication that it wasn't this product that was making the difference.

This product retails for $21 on, which some might think is pricey, but it's lasted me about 3 months, so it's a $7/month well spent. And if you have thinner hair (which I'd imagine you do if you are interested in buying this product to begin with), you won't need a ton of spritzes to adequately cover your scalp anyway. :)

Have you ever used this product or something similar to tackle thinning hair? I'd love to hear your stories and feedback about what has worked for you and what hasn't lived up to its potential!


  1. Hi Gabrielle,

    a fantastic review of one of my favourite John Masters Organics products which is a great alternative to all those chemical laden scalp treatments out there.




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