Review: Derma MD's Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenating Serum

So...I've got this weird bias against serums. I know, I know, they're all the rage, and they're supposed to work MAGIC on your skin, right? But why, then, do I try millions of them and feel like my skin looks no different three months later, and all that's changed is that I'm out a ridiculous amount of money? It's frustrating, and as a result, I've all but given up on the idea that serums are worth it.

Of course, sometimes a product comes along that makes you feel like a hypocrite, and for all my whining about how expensive serums do diddly-squat, I may have actually found a product I can stand behind. I'm talking about the Pink Silk Face Firming Rejuvenating Serum from Derma MD Skincare. Seriously guys, this is like candy crack for your skin. The first time I tried it, I only got this teeny tiny sample, and after realizing just how awesome it was, I used a q-tip to make sure I was digging out every last bit. Then I begged my PR contact to send me some more.

You may recall that I've previously written a couple of posts on Derma MD: I reviewed their Wasabi Anti-Acne Kit and moisturizers in the fall of 2014, and I worked with them to do a giveaway for you all. Recently I had the opportunity to try a few more things that were newer to their line, and although I liked a bunch of them, this was the one that really stood out.

Here's why: First and foremost, this product is as silky to the touch as you'd expect from the name, but what really makes it delightful is how it smells like a sweet Starburst. As someone who suffers from a major sweet tooth, there's little I like more than massaging a delicious smell into my skin every morning.

Second, DermaMD is top-notch when it comes to choosing ingredients. This serum is made with caviar extract (which may make you feel better about the nearly $100 price tag), and also features red algae and peptides to reduce wrinkles, calm the skin and increase moisture retention. I'd liken the serum's texture and immediate effect to that of the Smashbox Photo Finish face primer - after applying, you'll notice immediate skin smoothing, less noticeable pores and wrinkles, and an overall glow to your face. The directions indicate that the product can be used once or twice a day, but I use it in the mornings only, primarily to make the 1 oz. product last longer (I can get about 90 days' worth from a single bottle).

Typically, I apply the serum before my SPF moisturizer, although I've also used it by itself if I'm washing my face and re-doing my makeup for an evening out. It creates a really nice, smooth base on my somewhat unevenly-textured skin, and most definitely makes my foundation apply easier and less splotchy.

I'll be the first to admit that Derma MD's product line is NOT cheap - the prices are comparable to what you'd find in a luxury department store - but what I will say is that the quality you crave is delivered along with that price point. I've now been fortunate enough to try multiple items from the line, and only one (the Purifying Black Mud Mask) disappointed me. Everything else was of the highest-quality and actually produced the results that they claim.

Although I don't have any giveaways to offer this go around, if you're interested, you can buy the serum directly from Derma MD online, and all sales over $50 come with free shipping (no code necessary)! You can also visit this page and select two free samples to receive with your order -- lots of awesome stuff to choose from (also, I get zero kick back or compensation for your order, so no biased opinions here!).

Have you ever tried a product from Derma MD? If so, I'd love to hear what you think in the comments. And if there are any other serums that actually work, let me know that too! I'm always looking for new things to try. 


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