How I fell OUT of love with Tweezerman tweezers: Sharpening Review

If you follow my blog regularly, you may recall that a few weeks ago I posted about my experience at the Benefit Brow Bar, and in that post, I commented that I was there to try out the service specifically because my Tweezerman tweezers had become dull and no longer gripped and plucked my eyebrows as they used to.

What I may or may not have failed to mention in that post is that I'm a bit of an eyebrow phenom. First thing I do every morning as I sit down to do my makeup is flip my mirror over to the magnifying side and stare at my eyebrows. For some super strange reason I get such joy out of finding those sneaky dark hairs trying to mess up my brows and then yanking them out (is it just me?). So when I bought my Tweezerman tweezers a few years ago, I breathed a hefty sigh of relief and said to myself: "Finally! I have found that magical pair of tweezers that I will own for life thanks to their free sharpening guarantee!" Since the tweezers were over $20 (plus tax), and I had been used to buying the $5 or less cheapies at the drug store, this was a big splurge for me. But I had heard from countless people that these were the creme de la creme, and the reviews online were nothing but stellar.

In all fairness, the tweezers DID do a great job for the first 2 or so years that I had them. At first, dare I say, they were TOO sharp and I had to be careful not to cut or pinch my skin with them. But slowly over time, and quite naturally I assumed, the tips became dull and eventually would only grip the longest, most easily accessible hairs, which didn't do me much good.

So off they went to the free sharpening gods and, true to their word, it took a whole 6 weeks for my tweezers to arrive back in my possession. It not only cost me $6 to ship the tweezers to their New York office, but also cost me ~$40 in eyebrow waxes that I simply had to get while I was waiting for their return (ok, maybe I could have purchased a cheap pair of tweezers to tide me over, and true, they didn't charge for return shipping, so I should give credit where credit is due).

I was SO excited to get my tweezers back, and initially, I was SO impressed. They packaged my tweezers in a really nice leather storage case and added a protective plastic "shield" to the tips. But then I went to use them, and said to myself, "Wait a minute, these aren't working any better than when I shipped them in the first place." At first I tried to convince myself that my tweezing technique was just a bit rusty after a six week break. But I've now been using the tweezers for a month and it isn't getting any better.

No joke, it seems as though the fancy tweezer gods didn't do a darn thing to the tweezers that I sent them. No matter how I turn the tweezers, grip the tweezers, switch hands or angles, the damn thing will not grip my eyebrow hairs. The experience has turned my favorite morning ritual into one that I now dread, because I know that I will be taunted by those annoying little hairs that I can no longer pull out with the flick of a wrist.

If this were just a normal pair of tweezers, I wouldn't care a lick. But when you promise to the world that these are top-of-the-line, that you'll have them for a "lifetime," and that there is free sharpening to guarantee all this, the company really has to deliver! There's nothing that disappoints or angers me more than a company that makes false promises to try and sell their product.

At the end of the day, the tweezers still did their job for 2 years, so I probably paid the same amount for my Tweezerman tweezers as I would have for a number of cheapies that get duller faster. But people let's be real. Don't sell me some snake oil and tell me it's a cure for cancer.

Have you ever purchased a pair of Tweezerman tweezers and had them sharpened? Did your experience go better than mine? Let me know in the comments below.


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