Birthday Haul Part 1: Sephora - Featuring Too Faced, Nars, Boscia and more!

As you all know, it was my birthday last Sunday, so naturally, I couldn't help but go out and spend some of my birthday money on the latest and greatest in the land of makeup.... Truth be told, I went into Sephora with the sole intention of picking up my free gift and running out the door, only that didn't happen! Of course, one look and I fell in love with a million other products and became unable to resist spending way more than I meant to. Guilty as charged! Oh well, at least I can blame it on a birthday spending bash! ;)

Here's the awesome stuff I picked up (plus some mini first impression-style reviews)!

Lately, I have been really obsessed with kits -- I feel like you get more bang for your buck and you can try a whole range of products without feeling too guilty about the prices that go along with the full sizes. The first thing I was immediately drawn to was the Too Faced "Walk of Shame" value set, which was originally $38, but on sale for $19! This is a kit I had been eyeing for a while, so when I saw that it was 50% off, I couldn't resist! Here's what you get: 

FULL SIZE Too Faced Shadow Insurance (retails for about $17 on it's own!)
Full size Lip of Luxury lipstick in Totally Nude
Mini Primed and Poreless Face Primer
Compact featuring Sun Bunny bronzer and two neutral eyeshadows in Silk Teddy and Totally Toasted
Small packet of chai flavored mints
Pink travel toothbrush
Adorable black and pink satin makeup case

I haven't tried all of the products yet, but will certainly do a full review once I've had the chance to form some opinions. So far, I'm totally impressed that this set features a full size TFSI (which I wasn't at all expecting), because for $17 on it's own, it makes the whole kit worth even the full price of $38 (if you subtract out the TFSI, you're still getting a bronzer, two shadows, a primer, a lipstick, etc. for $21, which is an amazing deal).

From a first-impression standpoint, I already know that I don't like the lipstick. Although the packaging is adorable, it's much too brown for my skintone/features. I also thought the mints tasted GROSS (but there were only 3 included, so I didn't feel too guilty about tossing them out). I haven't tried the shadows/primer yet, but I already own Sun Bunny from the Too Faced "The Bronzed and the Beautiful" kit and know I like that, so I am a happy camper!

The second kit that I bought was the NARS "So Famous" set, which includes a full-size Deep Throat blush, a mini Orgasm multiple and a Bettina Velvet Matte Lip Pencil. The set was a bit more expensive at $44 for the three items, but if you break it down, the full-size blush is $26 on it's own, a full-size multiple is $38 (the one you get in the kit is about 1/3 the size, so figure $13 for that) and the lip pencil, which is also full-size is $24. So for $44, you're getting a $63 or so value.

From a first-impression standpoint, I LOVE the blush. It's a beautiful color with a silky smooth application and definitely seems like it would be a good fit for both light and dark complexions. The multiple I haven't tried yet, but I do think the color appears to be pretty for a cream blush. I'm not exactly sure how I'd use this on my eyes or lips (I guess I could use a lip brush to turn this into a lipstick), but I will certainly try it and see how it goes! The lip pencil, unfortunately, I hate! As a big fan of lipgloss, I really don't understand the "matte" lip look, and that is exactly what this pencil delivers. The color is also, once again, too nude and muted for my skintone. Two out of three isn't bad, but I do sort of wish I could return the lip pencil or at least swap it out for a more flattering color!

The third and final kit that I picked up was the Boscia Clear Complexion kit for $48. I first tried this line a few weeks ago at ULTA (received some samples) and really liked how gentle it was on my skin (the toner didn't sting at all!). I also liked the fact that the products don't have added fragrances/colors -- a big plus for someone with sensitive skin like me! I've been using Clinique's 3-Step for years, and while I like it, it isn't formulated to treat acne, so I decided to give this line a try to see if it could clear up my skin. The kit comes with the Clear Complexion Cleanser, the Clear Complexion Tonic, the Clear Complexion Treatment and the Oil-Free Daily Hydration SPF 15. In total, you get a 30-day supply. I haven't actually used any of the products yet, as I want to finish off my Clinique first, but look for a review in the next month or so!

That's it for part 1 of my birthady haul! Stay tuned for part 2 (MAC) tomorrow! :)


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