Comparison: Benefit's Erase Paste vs Boi-ing Concealer

Back when I first started Beauty Babble, I wrote a review about Benefit's Erase Paste under-eye concealer and how much I was enjoying it. Since then, I have tried using it on other parts of my face, as the packaging clearly states that it is a camouflage for eyes and face, but had dastardly results (bad coverage, no staying power). Thus, a few weeks ago when I was at Sephora during a special Benefit event, I approached one of the makeup artists to get her suggestions as to why Erase Paste was starting to fail me.

The woman announced that Erase Paste isn't actually meant to be used anywhere except under the eyes (so why the packaging states it for eyes and face boggles my mind) because it has a brightening complex that can actually make blemishes more visible. Instead, she said I needed their other concealing product, Boi-ing, for the rest of my face because it was a full-coverage, matte concealer. After trying the product, I liked the coverage, so I decided to pick it up and give it a try at home.

Then one day, I forgot to throw my Erase Paste into my morning makeup bag and thus, with only my Boi-ing with me, decided to try using it under my eyes, and lo and behold, the coverage was better than the Erase Paste, and this product worked all over my face, not just under my eyes. This got me to thinking: why would anyone need both of these products, and furthermore, what does Erase Paste really offer that Boi-ing doesn't?

Here's how these products are different:
- The consistency: Erase Paste is VERY thick and creamy. A very little bit truly does go a long way, and if you use too much, you'll give yourself a very caked, tacky finish. Boi-ing is creamy to the touch initially, but blends out into a powder-like consistency that is a bit more dry. I find that this consistency is easier to blend and sets better than the Erase Paste.
- The coloring: Despite both products only coming in three numbered shades, the colors are actually not the same across products. I have the 01 Fair for both, and notice that the Erase Paste has more of a peach undertone, whereas the Boi-ing is more neutral/yellow. I think this is what makes Boi-ing overall a more versatile product -- the neutral undertones make it easier to blend all over your face, whereas the peach undertone can look off when applied over red blemishes.
- Illuminating properties: After blending, Erase Paste definitely leaves a more dewy finish, with a hint of a sheen, whereas Boi-ing creates a more matte finish.
- Packaging: Not a huge point, but Erase Paste is packaged in a small tub and comes with a scoop to get the product out (which I think is useless, I just use my brush tip) whereas Boi-ing is packaged in a flat, round, powder-like container.
- Staying Power: While neither is a miracle worker, the Boi-ing stays put longer than the Erase Paste, even when the latter is combined with the company's Stay Don't Stray primer for eyes and undereyes.

Here's how these products are similar:
- Price points: Initially, it would seem like Boi-ing was more cost effective at $18 versus $26 for the Erase Paste, but ounce for ounce, they're nearly the exact same price (you get .1 oz of Boi-ing versus .15 oz of Erase Paste, which makes 1.5 oz of Boi-ing worth $27).
- The amount you need to get the job done. Both are "less is more" kind of products.
- The best way to apply them: Both go on most smoothly when applied with a fluffy blending brush, such as the SS 217. Denser concealer brushes grab too much product and apply it too thickly.

Overall, I feel sort of ripped off now! Although I was excited about my Erase Paste when I first got it, the poor coverage on the rest of my face, combined with the lack of staying power left me wanting more. And now that I've found another product from the same company that can cover my undereye circles better, AND work for my blemishes, I feel even more jipped. In the end, while I'll use both so that neither go to waste, I probably wouldn't re-buy the Erase Paste, nor would I recommend it unless you have gorgeous skin apart from dark circles and thus need a concealer only for your undereyes. Otherwise, you'll be buying two concealers just the same and could probably find an "all-in-one" variety to ease your budget!

Both Erase Paste and Boi-ing can be purchased online at the Benefit web site:, at Sephora -- -- or at ULTA -- I hope this was helpful!


  1. Very helpful! Thanks a lot :*

  2. Thank You for the thorough and awesome review. I was just having this dilemna of which one to buy and what the actual difference are good! You should do ths full time :)

  3. It was certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thanks for it.

  4. I haven't tried either of these but it looks like Erase Paste is a corrector while Boi-ing is a concealer. Good review, thanks!

  5. Boing is amazing. I'm a 20-something guy with uneven skin who never thought I'd be using a daily concealer; however, Boing is light enough to cover without giving it away that I'm wearing makeup. Boing 3 works perfectly for my olive complexion. Also it lasts all day

  6. Great comparison, this is useful!
    ~Pauline @Kallony



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