NYX Eye Products Haul and Mini Review!

When it comes to lower-end drugstore brands, I've always been a bit of a loyalist to the "big" brands -- you know, the L'Oreal's, Cover Girl's and Maybelline's of the world -- but the more I watch YT beauty videos, the more I realize how much I am missing out! In the last few months, I've started trying several other "drugstore brands" including Rimmel, NYC, Palladio, E.L.F. and of course, the extraordinarily popular, NYX. If you took a peak at my "Massive ULTA Haul" post, you might have seen that I recently tried NYX's Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencils, and although I haven't yet done a formal review on them, I'll tell you that I was really impressed with the quality, pigmentation and the PRICE!

A second thing you've probably learned about me thus far is that I am a complete bargain junkie. If you offer me a discount or a free product, I can almost never pass it up, and thus when ULTA began running a 30% off all NYX products sale last Sunday, I knew I wanted to go back and try more of their line. This time I focused on eye products, but the next time I have some extra bucks, I'm going to give their lip and blusher products a try (if you have any products you recommend, let me know!).

Let's start with the products that I really like:

NYX Single Eyeshadows
My only disappointment here was in ULTA's VERY limited selection of NYX single eyeshadows. If you go onto the NYX Web site (www.nyxcosmetics.com) you'll see that they have a huge variety of single shadows in their line, but ULTA carries only about 1/4 of the products (I gather for space reasons?). Needless to say I was really sad that they didn't have the one shade that I was most excited about purchasing: burgundy pearl! Instead, I opted for #15 Rust, which was the closest shade I could find to the burgundy pearl. It's a very pretty color and not entirely true to it's name (it's less orange than a true rust color and a little more pink, which I think is more flattering anyway). The other shade that I picked up was #154 volcano, which is a mid-tone brown with gold reflects -- a great crease color! Both are shimmer shades and were less than $5 each with the promotion!

NYX Eyeshadow Trios
Sometimes I like to pick up small palettes that I can use as a whole to create a look and then throw into my purse for mid-day touch ups. For this reason, I picked out #03, which comes with the neutral shades Nude, Taupe and Dark Brown. The nude color has more of a peach, rather than pink, base; the taupe color is honestly more of a camel shade to my eye, and the dark brown is a pretty true dupe for the Dark Brown Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil (and therefore a great choice to set with!).

Then I decided to be a bit daring and go with a palette that had some unusual nighttime shades. For this reason, I picked up #33, which comes with three ultra dark shimmery shades -- unfortunately, NYX doesn't give the individual shade names for these colors and just refers to the palette as a whole as Lake Moss. From left to right, you'll find a very dark plummy purple, a navy blue and a deep olive-toned green. All have a slight shimmer, but the green is the most glitter-packed of the three (although it's still very fine, not at all chunky).

NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette from The Runway Collection
I really loved several of these palettes, because they come with a number of coordinated shades that allow versatile, but matching looks. For starters, I decided to go with the most neutral of the palettes, which is #03 Champagne & Caviar. This palette contains 7 brown shades (I haven't swatched them all, but 3 appear to be matte, while the other 4 have some degree of shimmer), one pink shade, one white shade and one black shade. This palette is also the only one to come with a nice big mirror. :)

Now the sad part, the products that I didn't like!

NYX Glitter Cream Palettes
According to the NYX Web site, these palettes are gel-based and can be used on eyes, lips or face, so I was expecting a consistency similar to a cream shadow or glitter liner and boy was I wrong! Firstly, these are one of the only products that NYX sells entirely sealed, so there's no way to test out the consistency or pigmentation prior to purchasing. I picked up the #05 palette in Bronze Goddess and the #07 palette in Royal Violets. Once I got home and opened the Royal Violets palette, I was shocked to find that this is more like glitter with a little bit of cream instead of a cream shadow with some glitter. Literally, while brushing my finger across the product to swatch it, I got a fingertip FULL of CHUNKY, GRITTY glitter and absolutely no cream whatsoever.
When I tried applying this to my eye, there was RIDICLOUS FALL OUT and it got all over my eye, eyebrow, lower lid, cheek, etc. Not only that, but I cannot see how this product is eye safe, especially for contact-lens wearers. If a piece of that chunky glitter got into my eye, I would have no doubt that my cornea could get scratched! I was highly disappointed in these palettes and promptly brought them back to the store.

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
The final NYX product that I tried was the eyebrow cake powder in their lightest shade, which is #06 Blonde, and unfortunately, even this was too dark for my eyebrows, and I have light brown brows! When I applied the lighter shade in the palette, I already noticed that it made my brows much too dark -- when I looked in the mirror all you could see was brows! Even when I tried using just the brow gel without the powder, it deepened the color rather than just making it look clean and uniform. What I did like about this product was that you were given both a little spooli and a small brush, plus two eyebrow shades AND an eyebrow gel. Truth be told, if I had darker hair or skin, I probably would have liked this product, but their shade range just doesn't work for my skintone, and therefore probably wouldn't work for most blondes, despite the name!

And that concludes my very first NYX eye product haul. I hope you enjoyed and look forward to hearing what your favorite NYX products are!


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