40 Beauty Questions Tag! Part One

Hi gals! Since I am just getting started with Beauty Babble, I thought it would be fun to do a beauty questions tag that has been going around the YouTube beauty community for several months now. (Unfortunately, I don't yet have a YT channel of my own, although I am an avid lurker, and hope to start one up as soon as I can get a decent camera and film editing software set up!)  Hopefully this will be a good way for you to get to know me a bit, and perhaps it will spark some ideas for future blogs. Since there are so many questions, I decided to split it up into two entries -- I'll post one today and one later in the week. Enjoy!

Skin Care:
1) How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice -- I'm a huge fan of the Clinique Three Step program, so I use the mild cleanser, #2 toner and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel once in the morning when I wake up and once in the evening right before bed. Now, normally the lotion is recommended for my skin type, but it's so greasy and heavy that I use the gel instead.

2) What skin type do you have?
My skin type is usually combination dry -- I get breakouts on my chin and shiny-ness on my forehead, but my cheeks, nose and eyes are usually quite dry. 

3) What is your current facial wash?
As I said above, I use the Clinique mild cleanser that comes in the 3 Step program.

 4) Do you exfoliate?
Not really. I probably should, but I have really sensitive skin, so I haven't found a product that won't irritate my skin. I've found that the Clinique toner does a pretty good job of sloughing off dead skin cells, so that's all I really use. But I'm happy to hear your suggestions!

5) What moisturizer do you use?
Usually, I use the Clinqiue Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, as mentioned above, but I sometimes switch it out depending on the level of dryness in my skin. I got a full-size of the Bare Minerals Rare Minerals Purely Nourishing Facial Moisturizer for free, so I've been using that a bit (and I really like the consistency), and sometimes I dab on the Clinique Moisture Surge after my moisturizer for an extra boost of hydration.

6) Do you have freckles?
A few on my arms and legs. 

7) Do you use eye cream?
On and off. I tried Clinique's All About Eyes cream for a while, but didn't notice that it did a darn thing, and it was quite expensive, so I stopped. I just started trying a new product, which I think is less of an eye cream and more of an intensive serum -- it's the Garnier Skin Renew Daily Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream. It's supposed to help with dark circles and puffiness, both of which I suffer from thanks to my horrible allergies. I just started using it a few days ago, and according to the packaging it says you have to use it for a few weeks to see results, so I don't know yet if it's doing any good. I do know that it has caffeine in it, which is a must-have ingredient for minimizing the appearance of puffiness

8) Do you have acne-prone skin?
In certain areas, yes. My chin is constantly like a war zone with me fighting to get rid of zits and prevent new ones from sprouting up. The rest of my face is pretty pimple free, except for the occasional zit here and there, although I do have quite a few blemishes, red spots, scars, etc., so my skin is by no means perfect.

9) Did you ever use ProActiv?
Yes, and I hated it. It was much too harsh for my sensitive skin and the lotion stained all of my clothing and sheets. It was also expensive and didn't work for me at all. 

10) What foundation do you use? 
I'm currently on a foundation kick, despite being fairly satisfied with my Lancome Photogenic  Lumessence. I recently tried Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation and was really dissatisfied (see yesterday's post) and today I bought Clinique's Even Better foundation to try (I bought number 2, Fair, but the lady also gave me samples of number 1, Alabaster, and number 3, Ivory, to try). 

11) Do you know your undertone color?
No, I'm totally confused about this. Some people tell me I have cool undertones and some people tell me I have warm undertones, which makes me believe that maybe I'm neutral? I have dark green eyes, very fair skin, and naturally dark blonde/light brown hair. I don't tan easily, but I can tan a bit, and when I do burn, it settles into a tan before fading. If you know what undertone this means I am, let me know!

12) What do you think about false eyelashes?
Well, I don't really ever use them so it's hard for me to give an objective opinion. For myself, I don't really see the need for them, as I'm usually content with the length and thickness of my eyelashes when curled and with mascara. I feel like on other people they look interesting for show/runway type makeup, but sort of trashy for everyday.

13) Did you know that you're supposed to change your mascara every 3 months? 
Yes and I'm a bit obsessive about it, because I hate getting eye infections! Usually, though, I find that mascaras go bad anyway about three months after you start using them, so I don't often feel bad tossing them.

14) What brand of mascara do you use?
My favorite is L'Oreal Telescopic, but I really use a whole bunch because I get them in free gifts all the time. I've tried Lancome's Definicils, MAC's Zoom Lash, Maybelline's Stiletto and more. In general, I actually think that drugstore mascaras work better than department store mascaras.

15) Sephora or MAC?
I'm not tied to MAC products like a lot of other beauty gurus seem to be, so I'd definitely say Sephora. I like the variety -- it seems like there is always something new to try -- and their rewards program is pretty cool. The only problem with Sephora is that sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming because a lot of the brands I haven't heard of before, and I find that the salespeople aren't always the most knowledgeable, especially on the more obscure products.

16) Do you have a MAC Pro card?
No, it doesn't make sense for me to pay $50 a year to get discounts because I don't buy enough MAC makeup. Again, I like variety in my collection.

17) What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?
All sorts, depending on the product. I have the full set of Sigma brushes (both the "complete" kit for face and eyes and the "premium professional" kit), which I've also supplemented with a Laura Mercier angled kabuki brush, a Sonia Kashuk for Target big, fluffy stippling brush and a few no-name brushes from my old collection. I also use makeup sponges, Q-tips, my fingers -- whatever is necessary to get the job done!

18) Do you use a makeup base or primer for the eyes?
Yes! I love Urban Decay's Primer Potion. Best. Product. Ever. Right now, I'm not using a facial primer, as I don't see the need for one. Foundation plus setting powder does the trick for me. I would like to try MAC's Fix Plus, though.

19) What is your favorite eyeshadow?
Oh gosh, I have so many eyeshadows that it's really impossible to choose just one! If I had to pick, I think I'd say Sketch or Beauty Marked by MAC. They were my very first MAC shadows and I just adore them.

20) Do you use pencil lip or eye liner?
Yes, both, although the lip pencil only on special occasions when I really need my color to last (and in that case I use it both to line my lips and fill them in before I apply the lipstick). For eye liner, I've never tried a liquid or gel liner because I don't have the steadiest of hands and I'm nervous that I'd draw the line on crooked or get it all over my face!

And that concludes Part One! Stay tuned for Part Two coming soon. :)


  1. For #15, definitely a MAC girl, but I'm not opposed to trying out samples at Sephora :)

  2. Really? I like MAC, but I'd give it up for Sephora because they carry Clinique, Lorac, Benefit, NARS, etc. :)

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