Mario Badescu Skin Care? Thoughts wanted!

There's been some buzz in the YouTube community around Mario Badescu skin care products recently, and just yesterday Lisasz09 talked about a batch that she was sent by the company in a recent haul (see her video here). In the video, Lisa mentioned that if you go onto their Web site, register and then fill out a questionnaire about your skin type, the company would send you samples of all the products they recommend that you buy. Of course, I love free samples, I so immediately went onto the site, found the Skin Analysis and took the quiz (very short, just a few questions). The results recommended NINE products (wow, seems like a lot to use on your skin!), and while I'm excited to receive the samples and see if I like the line, I'd love to know if any of you have tried them and have an opinion to share!

Here's what was suggested for my skin (combination, very fair, weekly breakouts, some fine lines/wrinkles):

If I were to buy this whole system, it would cost me $150 plus shipping, so I only want to make the purchase if some/all of these products are truly worth it!


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