This Week in TV: 6/21-6/25

The Bachelorette
Was anyone else incredibly bored by this week's episode? (Preface: My apologies for the lame photo -- this was the only one had up from the whole episode - a boring photo for a boring two hours.) I don't know if it was just me, but I seriously thought the two hours dragged without any exciting new revelations, except perhaps Kasey showing Ali that G-d awful tattoo! I was happy to see her let him go this week, but I also don't think that Justin deserved to stay, considering Ali doesn't seem to have much romantic chemistry with him either. And what was with the Icelandic love poem contest just a week after the Lion King serenading contest? Seems repetitive and a bit stupid if you ask me!

So what to say about this episode? I still love Frank and am rooting for him to go far, even though it's obvious that the competition is getting really, really hard for him. Kirk seems like a really nice guy, and I actually thought it was incredibly snobby and judgmental for Ali to say she was " so concerned" to hear that Kirk hadn't dated anyone in the last year. I was glad to see Ty get the spotlight a little bit, although I don't think he's a good fit for Ali. And Chris? The poor guy never had a chance, and somehow I think he was edited to look dumb and speechless during that last rose ceremony.

Overall, I'm excited to see that next week the "scandal" is going to be revealed -- thank goodness, we need some firecrackers to shake this show up a bit! (P-S: is currently airing a "first look" at next week's episode, so if you want to watch the first 11 minutes of the show, head on over!).

So You Think You Can Dance
I am actually really happy that they sent Cristina home, because sweet as she was, she certainly was not up to par with the other dancers. You could tell, though, that the producers were trying to save her by blessing her with a ballroom routine after she was in the bottom three last week (yes, I believe that part of the competition is fixed to give some dancers the advantage). It was even more obvious when Nigel praised the heck out of a so-so Paso Doble that probably looked better purely because the fantastic Pasha was her partner. Goes to show you that the voting audience wasn't fooled though, and I think that Mia and Adam made the right choice in letting her go, even though I think Melinda's time on the show is up, too, and I predict she'll be gone next week.

As for the routines I did like, I thought Kent's Jazz with Courtney was lots of fun (and sexy, although did anyone notice they left him until last, indicating he's an obvious favorite that will keep viewers watching until the end of the broadcast?). I thought Lauren's hip-hop was SO emotion-packed and very well executed, and I even liked Alex Wong's Fosse routine, although I'm definitely biased because he's just an incredible dancer overall. Ashley, for some reason, I'm not connecting to, so I don't find her dances enjoyable to watch and she just fades into oblivion for me. Adechike is another one I'm not connecting to, and Billy Bell's crump was just awkward this week. Robert is one I didn't think deserved to be in the bottom three, but I think in some ways ballroom is the kiss of death because the audience isn't as wowed as they are by a superb contemporary or hip-hop routine.

So, yeah, this week was kind of boring in the land of television, so my entry is more abbreviated than usual (What? Gabby doesn't have something to say? Ludicrous!). Hopefully next week will up the ante and we'll have more to discuss! See you then for another This Week in TV.


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