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If it were up to me, I'd probably buy new makeup, clothing and skincare products every week, just because I'm always fascinated with what's new and what's next with cosmetics companies. Unfortunately, I've got a car payment, cell phone and other expenses that keep me from funneling too much money into products, so instead I tear pages out of magazines and print pictures off the Internet, creating a personal "Wish List" of products to buy in the future. Then, one by one as I get the cash, I check items off my list, which keeps me from buying too many extraneous products that I don't need when I do hit the stores (and sometimes, for the good of my wallet, my interest in the product actually wanes in the time it takes for me to save up for it)! This methodology also helps me time my department store purchases to coincide with free gift offerings, so I feel like my patience is rewarded with some extra free products to try out.

With this in mind, I thought I'd share some items that I've been eyeing...if you have tried any of these products and have an opinion, please don't hesitate to give me a shout in the comments section!

NYX Cosmetics Bronze Smokey Eye Look
I first heard about this new palette from a review on YouTube by Blair (JuicyStar07) -- she used the products to create a pretty Bronze Sultry Date Night Look. Honestly, I was a bit weary about listening to anything she said in this video because I saw that she was being compensated by NYX Cosmetics to create the look (and money very quickly changes people's opinions on a product!). Regardless, I was interested in seeing the look that she'd create, and despite myself, I sort of fell in love with the palette. Plus, it's only $11 for nine perfectly coordinated shades! It doesn't appear that this product has made it to stores yet (I took a peek at the NYX rack at ULTA last weekend), but someday soon, I may have to add this to my collection.
Sex and the City Iridescent Satin Etched Character Martini Glasses
So, these aren't beauty products, and I don't even drink martinis, but I still want these glasses, only because I am a HUGE Sex and the City fan and I think they're adorable (and who said sipping a soda out of one of these babies was a crime?). At $14.99 each, they're not cheap (they are only available online at the HBO store, so then you're paying for shipping too), but they very preciously have each of the character's names etched into the glass, with the Sex and the City logo underneath. The colors are as follows: Carrie - Purple, Samantha - Blue, Charlotte - Pink, Miranda - Yellow. The glasses are also available for purchase individually.

Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair Face Serum and Eye Complex
It seems that I'm getting more and more expensive as I travel down my list. I'll be honest, these products are RIDICULOUSLY pricey for what you get -- just 1 oz. of the face serum and .5 oz. for the eye complex...for $97 (yes, they can be purchased separately for $47.50 and $49.50 as well)! Thankfully, Estee Lauder throws in free shipping if you buy them as a pair, but for those prices, these products better be plastic surgery in a bottle! Regardless, I'm dying to give them a try, as they have gotten some good reviews on YouTube and the marketing materials that they handed me at the Estee Lauder counter really make them seem like dream creams (although as I marketer myself, I should know that these materials sometimes stretch and/or elaborate on the truth). According to Estee Lauder, "This revolutionary anti-aging formula is the core of every Beautiful Skin Solutions system. Based on solid, scientific findings and over 25 years of proven success, it's the one formula your skin shouldn't live without." Ahhh, I want it (and can't afford it!)! 

OPI Nail Polishes from the Alice in Wonderland Collection
One of my newest obsessions is nail polishes -- especially in the summer months because when it's so hot out, bare nails just feel so plain! In all likelihood, I've probably missed out on this collection since the film came out months ago, and that's right about when these items were added to my wish list, but I just think these four shades (Thanks so Muchness, Absolutely Alice, Mad as a Hatter and Off With Her Red) are so pretty for spring/summer, especially the two with sparkles in them. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled and see if I can find these on any of the online beauty discount sites in the meanwhile!

MAC Eyeshadows
To be honest, I definitely own a million eyeshadows already and probably never need another one. But then I get so tempted with all of these pretty shades, especially with the million beauty videos that I watch on YouTube every day. The current colors on my "hit list" are Carbon (matte black), Swish (purple/pink), Paradisco (peach), Satin Taupe (taupe), Expensive Pink (pink), and pretty much every blue color (Aquadisiac, Freshwater, Shimmermoss). Ahhh, I'm insane! ;)

That's all for now, more wish list items coming soon!


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