40 Beauty Questions Tag! Part Two!

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Makeup, continued...
21) How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?
Haha, I love this question, because it totally seems like the writer is looking to find fellow comrades that continually poke themselves. Unfortunately, I do not. I rarely put eyeliner on my water line though, so I guess I don't have as many chances to poke myself as the average gal. Although, truth be told, I am a contact lense wearer, so I'm probably more used to having things close to/in my eyes, which might also help.

22) What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I don't actually own any, for the same reason that I don't like mineral/crushed eyeshadows -- too messy! Whenever I use my Bare Minerals foundation (I'm Fairly Light, in case you were curious), it gets everywhere. Knowing me, I'd knock the pigment over and poof, I'd have a blue countertop and ruined outfit or something!

23) Do you use mineral makeup?
I feel like I just answered this question. I do have a Bare Minerals foundation and a MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural , but I think that's it...

24) What is your favorite lipstick?
Lancome's Color Design lipstick in Camisole, which is a shimmer shade. It's like a mauve pink with gold sparkles and when you put it on, it's just a hair darker than my natural lip color. I wear it all the time, which is why mine is almost completely finished! (Swatch from Lancome.com)

25) What is your favorite lipgloss?
Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush lipgloss in I Want Candy. It's a salmon pink in the tube, but is totally sheer on. The best part is the scent and taste!

26) What is your favorite blush to use?
I'm not actually a huge blush fan since I'm really fair and I find that I tend to look like a clown when I wear blush. Instead, I use bronzers and my favorite is MAC's bronzer in Refined Golden -- just enough sparkle to give you a glow without looking too crazy for daytime.

27) Do you buy makeup on eBay?
Sometimes. I'm an eBay seller myself, and I usually know a lot about the product I am buying, so I think I'd be a pretty good detective when it comes to weeding out the fakes. I stay away from buying MAC on eBay because of all the horrible things I've heard, but I have definitely purchased Lancome, Clinique and Benefit items from sellers with really good feedback ratings and haven't had any problems.

28) Do you like drugstore makeup?
Across the board? Not necessarily. Certain items? Yes. I'm a big fan of drugstore mascaras, and I really like L'Oreal's True Match powders (I'm N1). I've purchased a few of L'Oreals HIP eyeshadows, which aren't bad, but I generally shy away from super cheap makeup because I question what it's made of. Again, I have super sensitive skin, so I have to be really careful of what I purchase. 

29) Do you go to CCOs?
I hadn't until recently, when I found out that there were two in my area. I love them, but find them to be a bit hit or miss when you have something very specific in mind for purchase. If you're just going to browse, though, you can sometimes find some great gems and save yourself a ton of cash!

30) Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?
Not really. For me, makeup is a hobby, not a career, although I have definitely hosted Mary Kay/Avon parties before and those are fun! I also feel like watching YouTube beauty videos is sort of like taking makeup class because of all the awesome tutorials. I have learned a ton of new techniques just from that!

31) Are you clumsy putting on your makeup?
Hmm...well, I'm certainly clumsy in real life, so if this question is referring to whether or not I drop things, that's a definitely yes. I try to apply my makeup neatly, though.

32) Name a makeup crime that you hate.
Cakey foundation. Blech. I understand that some of us (including me) need a more full-coverage finish, but c'mon, you certainly don't want to look like you're wearing a flour mask do you?

33) Do you like colorful shades of makeup or neutral ones?
Both! It all depends on the outfit and occasion. I own all four Coastal Scents palettes, so I certainly have a wide range of colors to choose from.

34) Which celebrity always has great makeup? 
Well, if we're talking awards shows here, I'll go with Natalie Portman. She seems to be a fan of the smoky, smoldering eye, keeping the rest of her face pretty neutral. I just think she looks gorgeous all the time.

35) If you could leave the house using just one makeup item, what would you use?
Lipgloss, and not really because of the way it looks, but more because of the way it feels. I absolutely hate that dry, chapped feeling on my lips.

36) Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
Sure, but I wouldn't feel too good about myself, quite honestly. At minimum, I like to wear concealer, a bit of matte powder, mascara, lipgloss and some bronzer. I don't always do a full face with foundation and tons of eye makeup, but my skin is so uneven that I feel pretty self-conscious with a completely clean face.

37) Do you think you look good without any makeup on?
No, not really. Like I said, my skin is fairly uneven, with a number of blemishes and red spots, plus I have really dark circles under my eyes. And I'm also quite pasty pale, so I need some color added artificially. I certainly don't look like a monster, but I don't feel pretty either.

38) In your opinion, what is the best makeup line?
To be totally honest, I don't think any one brand has got it completely right across their product line. I like Clinique best for skin care, MAC best for eyeshadows and lipsticks, Victoria's Secret for lipglosses, L'Oreal for mascara, and perhaps Lancome for foundation.

39) What do you think of makeup?
If I didn't like makeup, would I be filling out this survey?

Where's question 40? Haha, I missed one somewhere, so I'm adding one of my own:
40) What are your favorite hair care products?
I'm in love with the Coloresse line that you can only get at Sally's Beauty Supply stores. I use the shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and smoothing balm for "severely dry, damaged hair." My hair certainly isn't severely dry or damaged, although the bleach that I get my hair highlighted with definitely strips out some moisture, but I like that these products are particularly moisturizing and hydrating without leaving your hair heavy or greasy. They are also all sulfate free and formulated for colored hair, which is perfect for me. And they're only like $6 a bottle! Perfect :)

Tag, you're it!
I hope that you enjoyed this tag. I'm going to tag my friend at the blog Glamour Sage to do this as well! If anyone else wants to do this tag, leave a link to your blog in the comments section so I can check your post out as well.


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