This Week in TV: 6/7-6/11

Hi gals and welcome back to week two of This Week in TV! This was a particularly great week in the world of television, in my humble opinion, so without further ado, let's get started!
The Bachelorette

I feel dorky admitting it, but I am really enjoying The Bachelorette this season and think each week is getting better than the last! A few things I want to discuss from this, the third episode:

- Jonathan's extreme awkwardness: Ummm, how old is this guy again? (For the record, he's 30.) Seriously, even I felt embarrassed for the weatherman during that incredibly terrible "first kiss" moment with Ali. Ok, so I understand that it is probably a bit weird to kiss a girl with a whole bunch of guys watching, especially when several of those guys had taunted you in the previous weeks. But even when Ali did the work and kissed him he acted like he didn't know what to do, like he had never kissed a girl before. Now, maybe that was actually the case and he was just too embarrassed to mention it? Maybe the producers knew this and set him up on purpose? I'm not sure, but regardless, I was really surprised to see Ali keep him around at the end of the episode considering the weirdness showed that they lack romantic chemistry!

- One-on-one daredevil date with Roberto: So, I'll admit that I definitely have a "thing" for Latin guys, but even I wouldn't walk across a tightrope above a 20-story building to win Roberto's heart. In reality, I'd probably have a heart attack halfway across -- either that or a nervous breakdown. For a girl who is supposedly terrified of flying/heights, Ali seems to be handling helicopter rides and insane tightrope walking pretty well...I'm just saying.

- Friends and Enemies: I am still completely in love with Frank, and am rooting for him to go the distance, despite the fact that he was acting a little jealous/weird this week, and will need to get over that pronto if he doesn't want to freak Ali out. Frank aside, though, Chris L. moved up to second place for me this week, and I really like him! He seems like such a sweet, gentle kind of guy who loves his family -- the kind of man that would open doors and always be there to hold your hand. I hope that Ali gives him more time to open up and show his personality one-on-one. And then there's Justin. I'll be honest, I felt really bad for him this episode what with all the guys telling Ali he's there for the wrong reasons. When they showed him off crying in the dark by himself, I couldn't help but thinking, "Poor Justin, I'll date you!" (I even tweeted this in case he was looking for a date on Twitter). But then, I broke the number one rule of reality TV: I read Bachelorette spoilers on Reality Steve (I couldn't help it, a friend's Facebook status tempted me!). And thus I saw that our dear Justin will be the center of a scandalous plot to-come in the next few episodes. I don't want to spoil it for other watchers, but let's just say, he has quickly moved to my enemies list and I hereby rescind all offers of a Twitter date.

So You Think You Can Dance

Is anyone else SO excited for this season's Top 11 on So You Think You Can Dance? I'll admit I was totally bummed that they picked Adechike over Anthony (who I thought was a superior dancer and less of a crybaby), and I really liked that girl Ryan Ramirez (over Ashley who I don't even remember from Vegas week), but other than that, I'm stoked that Alexie, Alex, Billy and Lauren (plus my absolute favorite, who I will mention in a bit) made it.

And then I thought that Thursday's performance show was AMAZING, even though I still don't like this "All Stars" bit. What's the motivation for the "All Star" to do well if they're not even competing? It would have been more fun if they picked all past winners, or if they picked all of the 2nd place girls/boys and gave them a second chance to win the title. The way they positioned it is just boring. Regardless, I thought the Travis Wall routine (pictured above, thank you to was SPECTACULAR. I want to watch it again and again just to see how many of the intricate movements I can catch.            

The other routines were cool, but didn't blow me away quite as much. I liked Tyce Diorio's Broadway routine and Mia Michael's "time" routine. I thought the Tabitha and Napoleon hip hop was just fair, and the latin routine, sort of blah. Which leads me to my prediction for the first to go: Latin dancer Cristina Santana (above in pink). She's a good dancer, no question, but in this competition good only gets you so far. Next to Anya and Pasha (who might I add looks completely hot without his shirt on), she looked so amateur. As a matter of fact, I thought she was the only Top 11 competitor that seemed to be completely bettered by her "All Star" partners. I guess we'll see how she fares next week and who her first partner is (I think the only way she stays is if one of the other pairs gets the dreaded quickstep.).

And this leads me to my final commentary on this week's SYTYCD. I am 100% totally IN LOVE with Kent Boyd. Seriously, how adorable is he? Not to mention an INCREDIBLE dancer. I totally think he held his own next to Alex and Anthony in Vegas, and in Thursday's Travis Wall routine. He's my (early) pick to win, simply because he's so charming, bright eyed and bushy-tailed.

Normally, I'd toss a third show in here (like this week's season finale of Glee, which I actually found disappointing, or last Sunday's widely promoted premiere of Kate Plus Eight [I love Aaden and Alexis!]), but I rambled a bit more than I thought I would with the first two shows and don't want to completely bore you all to death. So that's it for this week's TV recap. See you next Friday!


  1. Hey G! I used to read Harvard Bound. Glad you're still in the blogosphere. I just felt like telling you that I am looooving this season of the Bachelorette and since she used to live in my neighborhood in SF, I feel some sort of connection to her. I am not loving how scripted the show seems this season and yes, Weatherman is so AWK!

  2. Hey Lindsay! Thanks for following me over to Beauty Babble! I'm glad to see I'm not alone in my Bachelorette love! I agree, it seems pretty scripted, but I guess I'm sort of used to that by now! ;) Who's your favorite guy so far?



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